/about us an overlong explanation of what filmwasters is all about, what the site offers, who it's run by, where we met, why we're doing it in the first place and why you'll never see advertising of any sort on Filmwasters.


What is

This site is dedicated to showcasing and promoting the creative side of film-based photography. It is a 100% independent operation designed, managed and financed by 5 friends and it is our likes, dislikes, enthusiasms, prejudices, limitations and energy that will inform its make-up. is not about advertising, sponsorship, hit rates, print sales or any of that stuff. We just wanted somewhere of our own on the Internet to hang out and collaborate with friends and meet other like-minded photographers.

The original idea behind the site was to create a showcase for our own work, but to prevent it from becoming purely a vanity project we decided to open it up to friends and others whose work excites us so that they could contribute guest galleries or join in the regular collaboration projects that we run. These contributions along with the weeklies galleries and our own output in the Grabs and Portfolios sections ensure that the gallery content at Filmwasters is constantly changing.

The Blog is an eveolving section of the site that we have plans for in the near future. Currently it's a feed aggregator that pulls in content from various personal photo blogs, Flickr streams, photo news sites, galleries and any other cool stuff that we find online.

We also produce a regular (albeit not as regualr as we'd like) podcast where a bunch of us from various parts of the world, join a Skype call and chew the fat about the creative side of film-based photography. We try to keep it entertaining and not at all precious.

Finally, we included a forum because the 5 of us first 'met' online at the forum and we enjoy the interaction, creative buzz and community spirit that a good forum provides. It also allows people to display individual images or small groups of images in an ad hoc fashion through links in posts.

So, is an amalgamation of articles, online galleries, individual showcase and a forum dedicated to the use of film in photography. It aims to stress the exploration of creativity through film-based photography rather than the 'wheres', 'whys' and 'how-exactlies'; these can be answered in phenomenal detail on so many other photographic web resources. Filmwasters is not camera-type specific - glass, plastic and lensless are all welcome here.

The Origins of was borne out of a conversation between five disparate individuals over coffee and Cornish pasties in London, Summer 2005. Having talked previously from our 3 corners of the world in various electronic forms, we finally met face-to-face and the talking started for real. Common ground was film, a mutual respect for each others' photography, shared ideas and aspirations, cameras (LOTS of cameras) and other photographers. Without knowing at the time, we laid down the ground work for what was to become Within 6 months the site had been launched.

Who Are The Filmwasters?

We are a diverse bunch of five photography enthusiasts from opposing ends of the globe. One in Tokyo, one in Los Angeles and three from England. Although our collective styles could not be more different, we all have an overriding and all-consuming passion for film-based photographic art.

Damion lives and works in Birmingham, England, He likes his music loud & his head shaved mainly to hide the fact he is going deaf and losing his hair - despite this he is still regarded as something of a catch, although only by his wife who has invested too much time and energy in him to admit otherwise. Photography is a very creative outlet for Damion, the technicalities of which mostly remain a mystery; he would like to keep it that way.

Ed lives in London with his family, 9 guitars and 50+ cameras. The camera collection fluctuates constantly, but the family and the guitars are here to stay. While Ed has a passion for photography, it's something he's not always too good at talking about. Something he's trying to remedy by hosting the regular Filmwasters podcast.

Leon likes the fine and considered approach to picture taking and print making. He treads dangerously close to the line of over-technicality, while still being a bit of a hippy, which is no mean feat in anyone's book. He nests in the rural depths of East Kent and spends much of his time in the dark.

Susan B. is a professional photographer with an obsession for the fine art of blur. Her favourite colours are black and white. Her favourite smell is fixer. She can't cook or sew, but can modify a mean plastic camera. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her super-dog-nose-model, Blue.

Skorj is a first-dan haikyo otaku, lives in Tokyo, and spends too much time exploring the non-traditional Japan. His work has been used in magazines & newspapers, for internet advertising, and in TV and DVD productions.