| Grabs | 36. July 2009 | skorj

These Polaroids were taken of people I met between December 2005 and July 2009. Everyone had a story. Thank you.
A man who concurred today was indeed a hot day but said not much else.
A boy who plays daily on the railway tracks behind his house.
A local fire marshall who enjoyed the attention of a photographer she said looked like Richard Gere.
A retired yakuza who was out for a weekend stroll with his wife.
A taxi driver on his day off.
A local priest preparing for o-bon spirits.
A woman who told me she had been working her omiyage-ya for many years.
Two trainee rikishi take a break after their ryoguku omiyage buying.
A man who told me he used to live in Yoshiwara.
A man who told me one day he hoped he would be able to reopen his ropeway service.
A hunter who spent most of the afternoon chasing his naughty dog.
A young girl who was on her way to meet her mother for afternoon tea.
A very pleasant man who told me he had operated his dry-cleaning business for over thirty years.
A local vegetable seller.
A band who were on their way to practice.
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