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WELCOME: Please Read This First
« on: February 19, 2006, 09:51:40 AM »
Hi and welcome to the forum. Thanks for stopping by. We hope it'll be a fun place to hang out and exchange ideas about creative film-based photography. Our forum is essentially a 'no rules' affair, but we do need a few guidelines and guiding principles to make it work. We hope that makes sense.

  • This forum is all about using film; film of any size, shape and colour as long as it's....well, film. We've got absolutely nothing against non-film cameras, but this ain't the place to talk about them. Nuff said - hopefully.
  • Please mail any general questions and comments to filmwasters [a]
  • As with any community good manners, tolerance and respect from members is essential. Be good to each other, people. This includes registering an account ID with rude words, nonsense names, or from fictitious email addresses. Such accounts will be deleted.
  • We try to keep Filmwasters completely free of any commercial activities. From our side we offer up a site that's 100% independently funded, free of annoying ads, sponsoship etc. and from your side we'd appreciate it if you steered clear of using the forum to promote your own magazine, shop, gallery, online auctions etc. Obviously forum regulars get a bit of a pass on this so there is a bit of leeway under some circumstances, but we would really appreciate it if you contacted us either via the Gmail address (filmwasters [at] or via a personal message to any of the forum moderators.
  • Attachments in posts are limited to a maximum of 5 photos per posts. The max file size is 200kb. JPG is the only permitted file format.
  • The software we're using for this forum doesn't currently allow threaded posts - i.e. all new posts in a topic are automatically added at the bottom. If you're responding to a specific post in the thread try to use the 'quote' function to embed text you're replying to/commenting on. This should avoid confusion.


The Filmwasters
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Gallery Space At Filmwasters: Please Read Before Contacting Us
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2006, 07:42:56 AM »
Hi Guys and welcome to Filmwasters - as you know this is a new venture much of which we're slowly finding our way with - so expect things to be tweaked and altered slightly as things progress ...

But for now, I felt I needed to clarify things a little.  The site is primarily a gallery-based site created by the 5 of us to showcase the work of....well, the five of us. Read all about why we set up Filmwasters on the About Us page. Because of limited web space, we cant give everyone who signs up to the forum their own gallery - sorry guys  :(  As a compromise and to stop the site being purely a vanity project for the 5 of us we have guest galleries and collaboration projects which will be open to other photographers and which will be updated regularly.

However, for various reasons these ventures will be by invitation only each of the five founders putting forward the names of people whose work we respect and draw inspiration from. I hope this makes things a little clearer - we don't want to turn people away when they ask, but I'm afraid we have no choice for now...and it was never our intention to become another photo hosting site for anyone who signs up.

Thanks for joining our new corner of the Interwebternet - and please keep wasting film and keep talking about it here.

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Re: WELCOME: If We Had An FAQ This Would Be It
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2006, 04:35:37 PM »
firstly -welcome

The main aim of filmwasters is to encourage creative film based photography, its a meeting place for like minded people. 
my thoughts are (and this doesnt necessarily mean the whole of the filmwasters posse agrees!) that Flickr  -whilst being a great site, is perhaps too messy -that is to say its too big, no emphasis on quality, its just a bit photogrpahic splurge, also has digital stuff on there -dont get me wrong, its great  -i love it, the pools and so on are a good idea but hopefully filmwasters will try and be a  more cosier place.
Again there are plenty of other sites out there, some get bogged down in petty technical rows, endless debates about film Vs digital, rows about good Bokeh/Bad bokeh, others you get flamed for owning a holga/diana and so on.  Here -touch wood - none of this will happen if your trying to do something creative, something more than snap shotting -then you will find a like minded individual.
We also have guest gallaries to insipre and collaboration projects whcih will hopefully give you a creative kick up the backside.

If we had bags of web space im sure we would have tons more galleries & projects, but as it is we are what we are, learning as we go, trying to get creative and with an emphasis perhaps on quality not quantity.

as i said -i dont speak for everyone involved in Filmwasters, heck at times i dont even speak for myself.

But please stick around -get involved and most of all, be excellent to each other (dududududududududududududuududu) (f8cking love bill & ted me)