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empty polaroid cassettes
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:07:35 PM »
being the proud owner of a RZ67 with a Polaroid back wondering what to do with the empty Polaroid cassettes.I don't like to throw away anything :) Clipping a 9x12cm sheet film to 8.5x12 and then it fits nicely into the plastic cassettes. Bit of a hassle in the darkbag: film out of the carton box>clipping>into cassette>into RZ Polaroid back! Developed in D76 1:1  8.5' 20C. I was surprised by the flatness/sharpness of the film. What did I gain besides the freedom of using any (sheet)film I like?
49 square cm of film instead of 42 & four nice 45 degrees corners.... ?

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Re: empty polaroid cassettes
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2015, 04:37:47 PM »
I was thinking about doing something similar with an old Polaroid roll film camera.  Just clip down some film to fit as single shots.  I didn't end up doing it because the lens has some issues.  I did do it with my 116 Voightlander pinhole conversion.  I cut down a 4x5 sheet about 1/2 inch in one direction and placed it in the camera.  I used a cheap little plastic cutting table with a stop to cut the film to the proper length.  I had to block out the cameras frame counter window to make it work.   I would think your method would work with pack film and integral film, as long as you can keep the integral camera from spitting out the negative.