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There's no way I can get down there for the event, but my limited experience with Blurb several years ago was not terribly positive. Two things stood out: the layout software was very fussy and had a steep learning curve, and the B&W printing was not truly B&W, and a result the images all had a cast to them. I would love to know if things have changed, especially regarding the second point. I'm willing to invest time to learn new software if I know I can get a book with quality B&W printing.
Unfortunately, it also makes me want a wide-angle Rolleiflex.
Too broke to get one... I wonder if I can find some adapter lenses for my Yashicamat?
There are other changes and improvements, and if they driver on their "future developments", there could be some major differences.
Main Forum / Re: Kickstarter alert - Lab Box daylight-loading film tank
« Last post by Francois on Today at 03:27:31 PM »
Yeah, there's also that one.

The only real diff between the kickstarter and the others is the multi format part.
Main Forum / Re: Spotmatic ...trials and tribulations....
« Last post by Francois on Today at 03:26:35 PM »
Those old Takumars were really something.
I have a 35mm that I use on my Nikon with a reverse adapter for extreme close-up shots and can say it's really incredibly good, even in reverse.
I can just imagine using it the proper way :)

I have a few M42 bodies but they probably were made from tungsten or some other heavy metal!
This idea dates back to the 1930s. Rondinax is probably what you're thinking of and those haven't been made since the 1970s.

Patent history here.
Main Forum / Re: Anyone ever tried this....?
« Last post by Francois on Today at 03:21:27 PM »
Hey Andrea!
Good to see you back :)

So, how's life in the north?
Main Forum / Re: PAKON F235 PLUS win XP driver
« Last post by Francois on Today at 03:20:32 PM »
I wouldn't expect the language to have such an effect on the whole process...

Istanbul... somehow I'm now stuck singing that song from They Might Be Giants  ;D
Their process is probably way different than my usual repurposing of a photocopy machine  ;D
Main Forum / Re: Kickstarter alert - Lab Box daylight-loading film tank
« Last post by Francois on Today at 03:17:09 PM »
Funny people think this is a new thing when in fact it's not quite so new.
I know Lomo did make a similar tank (I've seen one). I think Premier did too and wouldn't be surprised if Kodak also did.
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