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Main Forum / Re: Weekend thread 1/19, or how I broke my camera.
« Last post by zapsnaps on Today at 11:11:44 AM »
Dropping a Makina! That has got to hurt.

Reminds me of a story a Fuji rep once told me at the dawn of screens on the back of d*g*t*l cameras. Most common reason for camera replacement? Not upgrade, but people dropping cameras while showing the screen to friends. At least that is something which shouldn't trouble the good folk at FW.

Hope the Makina can be coaxed back into service.
Articles / Re: Fomadon LQN 1+14
« Last post by Francois on January 20, 2018, 10:01:40 PM »
Development times for 135 and 120 are usually the same or pretty close.
Articles / Re: Fomadon LQN 1+14
« Last post by cs1 on January 20, 2018, 09:31:22 PM »
The Massive Dev Chart fortunately doesn't seem to have wrong times for Fomadon + Fomapan. I guess that this is quite a common reference site for developing times. My go to Android app that I use as a development timer seems to have 12m30s. However, the user database of the same app has a much longer average time (~13m30s). All very confusing. Anyhow, 13m20s seems like a pretty solid time and it makes sense together with the 1.4 factor in Foma's datasheet. I'll try Fomapan 100 next week. Today's film was a 120, the Fomapan 100 that I have is a 135. But the times should be the same.
Articles / Re: Fomadon LQN 1+14
« Last post by Francois on January 20, 2018, 08:52:49 PM »
Good to know.
I don't know why some people go through the trouble of posting erroneous information on the net. If they want to keep their little secret to themselves, they just have to keep quiet, that's it.

I ran into a similar problem with the Arista.EDU Lith 2.0 film. Everybody says it's a 6 ISO film when in reality it's a 3 ISO with a very steep characteristic curve.
Main Forum / Re: Weekend thread 1/19, or how I broke my camera.
« Last post by Indofunk on January 20, 2018, 06:24:28 PM »
I love Jeff's colors and 02Pilot's black and whites :D Mine was taken on a camera lent to me by Miguel, a Fujica Compact 35, about which I will be asking some questions in a separate thread if I ever get around to it ;) Tri-X guess-metered at about 400 :D

Post Apocalyptic Smoke by Satish Indofunk, on Flickr
Articles / Fomadon LQN 1+14
« Last post by cs1 on January 20, 2018, 06:15:33 PM »
Just a quick word of warning when using Fomadon LQN. The normal dilution is 1+10. However, according to the datasheet you can also use a dilution of 1+14. Beware that there're strange developing times floating around the net when using 1+14 (e.g. 12m30s for Fomapan 400). These times seem to be wrong! Foma's datasheet is a little hard to read. At some point they speak about some factor 1.4, though it's unclear whether it's the factor you need to use when using the 1+10 developer dilution for a second film or if it's the factor when using a 1+14 dilution.  I've developed one Fomapan 400 for 12m30s in a 1+14 dilution using the times from the net and the film came out underdeveloped. I've then developed another Fomapan 400 for 13m20s which is roughly 9m30s x 1.4. The film turned out fine so this seems to be the correct developing time. I'd say that for a 1+14 dilution you just need to multiply the 1+10 developing times with 1.4 to get the correct developing times.
Main Forum / Re: Adox using old Ilford factory to make film
« Last post by EarlJam on January 20, 2018, 04:28:13 PM »
They have factories in Bad Saaow near Berlin and one in Marly (Switzerland, Ex-Ilford).

Interestingly, the Marly plant was built to support Cibachrome (later Ilfochrome) print paper manufacturing.

Ciba AG, Switzerland, acquire shares in ILFORD beginning a commercial co-operation between Ciba and ILFORD to develop Ciba's dye-bleach print material (for making prints directly from colour transparencies). Originally called Cilchrome ('Cil' derived from the names Ciba, ILFORD and Lumière) the eventual product name was Cibachrome.

Ciba built a new plant in Marly, just outside Fribourg (home of Tellko AG) to coat Cibachrome (renamed ILFOCHROME in 1992). The old Tellko factory in the centre of Fribourg was used as the finishing department.
Main Forum / Re: Weekend thread 1/19, or how I broke my camera.
« Last post by David A-W on January 20, 2018, 03:42:19 PM »
First film of the year: decided to experiment with grain this grey January so exposed HP5+ at 3200asa then developed in Rodinal 1+25 for 18mins. Leica M3 and 135mm tele-elmar. I like the effect, I may try pushing other films to see what comes out. It's not a bad thing to do when I'm taking photos of familiar, local objects, especially when they're as photogenic as the Thames Barrier.
Main Forum / Re: My plans for this year
« Last post by charles binns on January 20, 2018, 09:07:22 AM »
I harbor delusions, err, I mean dreams, of hiking the length of Hadrian's Wall one of these years).
Sorry for stretching the topic somewhat, but .. I live and work near the eastern end of Hadrians Wall. Walking the whole length isn't really the best walking experience you could have in Britain as it gets very urban (not urban exciting, just urban boring) in the eastern part. I often see poor souls trudging along the side of the dual carriageway that is now Scotswood Road in Newcastle, wearing and carrying full backpacking kit, and wondering if this can really be part of the Hadrians Wall National Trail or if they are hopelessly lost.

The best parts of the wall are in the middle and could be walked in two days.

I wanted to go up to Hadrians wall for years to take infra red shots so that's good to know.

Good to know. I have family in Manchester, so I could plan it as part of a trip rather than the whole thing. From where to where would you say are the "best parts?"
Main Forum / Re: Adox using old Ilford factory to make film
« Last post by imagesfrugales on January 20, 2018, 08:46:35 AM »
CHS 100 II was the legit successor of Efke 100 with a very similar sensitation, finer grain and a state of the art production quality on a non curling, non-lightpiping PET base. It could have been a success, I only could shoot one roll I got from a friend. I hated the Efkes for their unreliablility but I would love the CHS 100 II. Much too fast the coating partner quit the collaboration and now Mr. Boeddecker (you may call him Mr. Adox) is trying hard to transfer the production to the former Ilford plant in the Switzerland. There once the Cibachrome paper was made. Since the financial ressources are very modest and the expected profit regarding the market is next to nothing, things go very, very, very slow.

Unfortunately, Adox has no own coating facility that actually can make film so far except a very small test coater. Still everything depends on contractors. Adox can finish small amounts of 35mm and 120 film. You can equal Adox with enthusiasm for film, a dream of a man who makes his living with other things than making film. A working plant in Switzerland would be a huge step forward - fingers crossed, and don't be unpatient.

These are the infos I collected within the last few years. I may be wrong here or there.
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