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indofunk satish

No, this is not my girlfriend ;-) My life is music, and I was trying to find a way to portray that, but all of my pictures of music (and there are lots of them) are of other people. Didn't seem quite right for a "MY" world submission. Then I remembered this montage I created for a contest a while back. I think the contest was to tell a story in 4 photos. This story is "a day in the life of a musician", and being that generic, I think it fits well with this collaboration's theme.

Way too much information about the photos:
TL: Ciroflex Model D, Tri-X320 (expired), HC110H 10min
TR: Ciroflex Model D, TMax400 (expired), HC110H 12min
BL: Minolta SR-T 102, Tri-X400 @1600, HC110H 1hr
BR: Ciroflex Model D, TMax400 (expired), HC110H 12min
Model: Kath Byrnes

Website: http://www.indofunkstudios.com

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